PHOTOS: Awesome helmet designs for UF, Ohio State, LSU & more

It’s pretty clear why college football teams come up with new uniform combinations seemingly every other week now: The kids like them.

Oregon has made uniforms a staple of its national brand, while schools like Notre Dame and USC — forever traditional with their looks — have made slight tweaks in the name of modernization.

So what Deeyung Entertainment has come up with should get some eyeballs around the sport.

The company drew up some wild — and really cool — helmet designs for a ton of different teams.

Scroll through this gallery and take a look:

I love a lot of these, although I’m generally a fan of the traditional uniforms — USC, Alabama, Texas, Notre Dame, etc. — so I’d advise against a couple of these renderings.

But the better test would be farming these concepts out to recruits and gauging their response. The guess here is they’d overwhelmingly vote for the new designs, because of course.

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