Florida Gators Football: D.J. Humphries Helping To Recruit T.J. Moore

The Florida Gators football team could be closing in on bringing T.J. Moore to Gainesville. Find out the latest about his recruiting process.

The Florida Gators football team is in the process of preparing for both the Outback Bowl and National Signing Day. Multitasking is hard enough during the season, but Florida must now be able to do it with a bowl game looming.

One of the players whom the Gators are most interested in signing is Charlotte native T.J. Moore.

Moore is a 6’6″ and 280-pound offensive lineman who has the potential to start for a power conference team. There’s some need for development and polish to his form and fundamentals, but the upside is clear.

According to Andrew Spivey of Gator Country, a former Gators offensive lineman is helping Florida recruit Moore: D.J. Humphries.

“I have a former teammate D.J. Humphries from the Creek [Mallard Creek] that went down there and did well,” Moore said. “I actually talked to him last week and he was telling me that Florida was a great place to be with great coaches. He said once you get down there you become a part of the family. He told me that I could trust Coach Summers.”

It’s good to have Gators in the NFL.

Humphries certainly knows the benefits of playing in Gainesville, as he played three seasons with the Gators. He was then drafted by the Arizona Cardinals at No. 24 overall in the 2015 NFL Draft and is now developing into a solid offensive lineman.

With Humphries’ NFL career setting an example for what can happen after spending time at Florida, Moore is preparing to make a legacy of his own.

For those unfamiliar, Moore is a four-star recruit on ESPN, Rivals, 247Sports, and Scout. He’s currently being recruited by assistant coach Mike Summers, who specializes in leading the offensive line.

As previously noted, Humphries gave a ringing endorsement of Summers.

Perhaps the most important note from Spivey’s article is one about Moore’s father. Moore said that his father loved the visit to Gainesville enough that he’s willing to move to Florida if the four-star recruit chooses to play for the Gators.

Recruiting out of state is never an easy task, but a revelation of that nature is certain to help the process.

Jim McElwain and the Gators have an opportunity to land one heck of an offensive lineman. Will they secure the signing?

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