Coastal Carolina head coach brings his entire team to polling station to vote

Joe Moglia is one of the most unique coaches in all of college football. If you don't know his story, Moglia is a self-made billionaire and former CEO of TD Ameritrade who got out of the business world to whet his coaching appetite late in life. He eventually worked his way up the ladder and is now the head coach at FCS school Coastal Carolina.

Moglia's story gives his some unique perspective on coaching that basically no one else in the sport has. Because he hasn't spent his entire life in film room breaking down tape, he realizes that football isn't everything, even if it is now a huge part of his every day life.

And apparently he is imparting that wisdom on his team, as Moglia told reporters earlier in the week that every single one of his players will vote on Election Day.

Here are some details via Myrtle Beach Online:

“Every one of our guys is going to vote Tuesday, and that’s something I’m incredibly proud of,” head coach Joe Moglia said. “The service academies do that. There’s not going to be one other university football team in the nation that’s going to do that, and you know every one of them probably should do that.”

“Even though some players have voted early, they will go to the polls Tuesday just to support their teammates,” Moglia said. “The right to vote is one of the cornerstones of this great democracy and is a privilege no one should take for granted.”

We so often hear college football coaches say that part of their job isn't just teaching football, but life lessons as well. Yet for all the talk, so few actually back up those words and use the platform of college football to build better young men and citizens.

Credit to Moglia and Coastal Carolina for taking that responsibility to heart and backing it up, not just with words, but actions as well.