Racist graffiti leads to student protest at Eastern Michigan football game

Eastern Michigan improved to 3-1 with a win over Wyoming on Friday night.

But what should have been an exciting victory for a downtrodden program that hasn’t made a bowl game since 1987 was overshadowed by a campus incident.

Racist graffiti found on campus spurred students to stage a peaceful protest during and after the game.

USA Today College Sports had the details earlier in the day (via For the Win):

Following are videos from the game, as students lined up both on the field and in the stands during the game.

School president Smith told CBS Sports that the protests would be allowed, explaining that the students had a "legitimate concern" after the graffiti was found.

Following the game, students walked hand in hand on the field. CBS College Sports stuck with their broadcast to show the protest.

According to MLive.com, the school has set up a $2,500 reward for details leading to arrest of those responsible for the vandalism.