Donor cuts cost of student tickets to BCS in half

An anonymous alumnus has donated enough money to cut the price

of BCS championship game tickets to Notre Dame students for the

game between the top-ranked Fighting Irish and No. 2 Alabama in

half, dropping the price from $300 to $150.

Senior assistant athletic director Josh Berlo says the school

wasn’t disclosing the amount of the donation. But at a cost of $150

and with 2,500 tickets available, the donation is believed to be

about $375,000. Berlo says more than 4,000 Notre Dame and Saint

Mary’s College students already have applied for tickets.

Berlo says the school has received more than 100,000 requests

from alumni, season-ticket holders and others for the school’s

allotment of 17,000 tickets. Tickets for both groups are being

distributed by lottery.