Did Florida State coach Fisher diss Mickey Mouse at Disneyland?

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher has made all the right moves on the field this year.

After all, the Seminoles are 13-0 heading into the national title game against Auburn on Jan. 6.

But did Fisher make a bit of a faux pas at Disneyland on Tuesday?

The head coach and his team visited Downtown Disney for the 2014 BCS Championship press conference, where they answered questions about playing in the national title game and Fisher discussed his new five-year, $21 million contract. 

Out on the red — well, actually green — carpet, Fisher and players posed for pictures with the Disney cast, including the likes of Goofy, Donald Duck, Minnie and Mickie.

But did the head coach leave Mickey hanging after the photo shoot? Judge for yourself below.

(h/t: Al.com)

It appears America’s most famous mouse was forced to serve up a self-five after Fisher fixed his tie as he turned away.

Now we know one person who will likely be rooting for Auburn on Monday.