Report: Oklahoma State’s Devon Thomas arrested for alleged armed robbery, shooting to kill

Oklahoma State freshman running back Devon Thomas was arrested on alleged felony complaints of armed robbery and shooting to kill, a police official told the Tulsa World.

According to police, Thomas and three others are accused of robbing a man Tuesday and firing "at least on round" as the victim drove away. The bullet "entered the vehicle’s rear windshield and nicked the driver’s head rest."

From the report:

The victim reported the suspects stole his marijuana, money, shoes and clothing and instructed him to leave because they were going to "bust a cap."


The victim identified four suspects, telling police he has known them for several years, and said Thomas was the suspect carrying the gun.

As of Friday morning, Thomas was being held at a Tulsa jail on a $125,000 bond and had not been charged.

Thomas was previously arrested on March 2 in his hometown of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, "on a traffic warrant after failing to appear in court for an expired tag."