Delany: Big Ten ‘inactive but alert’ on expansion

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany described the conference’s

current position on expansion is ”inactive but alert.”

The Big Ten unexpectedly shook up the landscape of major college

sports last month when it announced Rutgers and Maryland would be

joining. Maryland will lead the Atlantic Coast Conference and join

the Big Ten in 2014. Rutgers’ departure date from the Big East is

more ambiguous, but the Big Ten and the school would like it to be

by 2014.

Delany says that while there are risks that come with expansion,

the Big Ten felt there was more long-term risk for the conference

if it did not expand toward the East Coast.

Delany, Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive and Big

East Commissioner Mike Aresco appeared together at the

Intercollegiate Athletic Forum, sponsored by the Sports Business