Davontre Henderson impresses at Army Combine, would love an offer from Arizona Football

Recruiting for Rich Rodriguez and his Arizona Football coaching staff is no easy feat, but when the recruit comes to them, maybe they should consider what they could be missing out on.

Arizona Football is a program that is attractive for plenty of reasons; it has caught they eye of an up and coming recruit in Texas who is starting to get some attention of his own. Class of 2018 hybrid defensive end Davontre Henderson “Dee” out of a small town named Coolidge in Texas is one of those recruits who is flying under the radar. Dee is an athlete who deserves some attention not only because of his skills but his desire to be successful and his drive to be the best he can be as a man.

Henderson, a Junior playing for South Grand Prarie High School, wanted Wildcats fans and coaches to see how much heart he plays with, so we obliged. “Colleges don’t go to small towns looking for players they go to the city,” said Henderson. Dee feels he can bring a lot to the Cats, “I would bring leadership, heart, speed, relentless, furious, dedication and motivation,” he said.

But why does he have his sights on playing for Marcel Yates and what attracts him to the Arizona Wildcats?

I love it’s football program. They’re a great team and they produce a lot of NFL players. And I love the colors. I want to major in business and I know they’re great at teaching it. And since it’s out-of-state I want to be able to have a bigger network. Not only that but traveling has always been part of my plans.

Going to this school means so much to me and my family. I want to be able to be the one to provide and support my family when I get out of college. Instead of having my momma pay for our lunch I wanna be able to pay for her and my siblings. I can see myself going to this school living on campus and interacting with other students and participating in clubs. I do plan on making something out of myself going to this school.

Motivation to work hard on and off the field for this young man comes mostly from his mom, Shuvon, who is working three jobs and taking care of her own and other children less fortunate just to make a better life for her family. Davontre is doing his part as well, working hard at school and football to help take care of his family. His support system includes his Uncle who is helping to raise him.

“I moved out with my mom to live with my uncle, Luther Henderson, in 8th grade. I don’t have my dad in my life, so my uncle stepped in to be that role model for me. Teach me the right things. Keep me on track in school,” explained Henderson.

As far as his mom being his influence and motivator, “She pushes me not to give up. She will spend every last dollar on us before she spends it on herself. She so loving and caring sometimes it makes me mad because people will use her but won’t help her. That’s why I work hard every day because I’m gone make sure she don’t have to pay another bill for the rest of her life. She’s the one who keeps me going she’s my backbone.”

As far as football this young man is fully aware of where the Cats could use him, “I play defensive end but I know since my size coaches will move me to linebacker which I’m fine with. I’m a pass rush specialists. So outside linebacker will be my best position in college because I can come down on the line and drop back into the coverage.”

Henderson recently participated in the Army Combine along with Greg Johnson and other notable high school standouts. Davontre impressed his fellow participants.

Henderson also caught the eye of a former NFL player Mark McMillian, who was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and played for seven years for five teams including the Saints and Redskins.

Henderson took part in other showcases or combines. He ran a 4.7 in the Nike Combine, and last year he participated in an event called “Texas versus the World,” here is a write up on his performance (note: DeVontre is 6-foot-one 215 pounds):

Here are Henderson’s junior season highlights:

Arizona is his dream school, but Henderson is also looking at Tulane, Louisiana-Lafayette, and Texas Tech. Coaches Rodriguez, Boone, Yates, and Dudek, you may want to check this impressive young man out and see if he is a fit for Arizona, he is extremely motivated! BearDown Davontre!

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