College Football Weekly News Bites: Summer is here edition

Yes, I realize that is is not yet summer according to the calendar. For those of us that live in the deep south, however, summer is here with a college football vengeance.

Well, I didn’t see that one coming. Michigan ended up having the most players taken in the NFL draft.  11 Wolverine players made it through the NFL draft, including Jabrill Peppers. Alabama came in second with 10 picks chosen, and Ohio State had nine players move on to the pros. After that, Florida, LSU and Utah(?!) each had eight players. Alabama did have the most first-round draft picks chosen, however. You can look at the whole list here.

That’s just cool as all get-out.  In other Michigan news, the team has had an action-packed trip to Rome.  They got to meet the Pope, see the sights, and now they got to train in an authentic gladiator school.  The video is pretty cool.

This is just freaking weird. Florida is a strange state. I’m from there, so I can confidently say that. I mean, they’ve got snakes coming through people’s car dash; thieves dressing in drag to rob a jewelry store; and a manatee that beached itself after too much naughty time. Now there’s this. A Florida State mascot was fatally slashed in a grocery store a few years ago.  No, this wasn’t a drug heist gone wrong-it was over a gumbo recipe. You can’t make this stuff up.

Apparently, Orlando Ricardo Thompson stabbed former Florida State mascot Caleb Joshua Halley in 2015 over an argument involving spices in a gumbo recipe. Thompson is finally going to court and Thompson now potentially faces life in prison.

That’s it for this week from the world of college football. I’ll check in soon with more.

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