College football weekly news bites, late (and weird) edition

Despite the fact that Trump can’t blink without a wave of protests breaking out, the world of college football still moves on. Here are this week”s offerings.

Sympathies to the Clemson family. Bert Henderson, 60, the associate athletic director for the Clemson Tigers, was reported missing on Monday morning after he didn’t report for work. IPTAY staff members could not reach him and contacted the Anderson County, S.C. Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies, a K-9 unit, mounted police officers, Anderson County Technical Rescue, and more than 100 volunteers searched overnight.  According to, the county coroner’s office stated that Henderson’s body was recovered this morning about a mile from his property. No further details regarding his death have been made at this point.

Since 1978, Henderson has been one of the directors of IPTAY for Clemson.

Urban Meyer is a jerk. And no, I’m not just saying that because he used to coach at the University of Florida. The guy makes over $6 million per year, but he let Ohio State University pay for fancy vacations while using the university’s private planes. OSU apparently allowed the coach and his family to utilize the planes for 11 personal trips last year.

According to a report at the Associated Press, the trips cost the university and the students over $120,000. If the trips were for recruiting purposes, I could see using university funds as a legitimate expense, but this is pretty ridiculous. Meyer has refused to comment.

And speaking of politics…Former Auburn Tigers’ coach Tommy Tuberville has decided to run for governor of Alabama. After electing a non-politician to the highest political office in the country, that doesn’t seem so weird. What might get odd is if the Crimson-Tide-crazy state even will elect a governor from the opposition, whatever his political affiliation. If Tuberville deems the early political polls favorable, he will run under a Republican ticket in the 2018 gubernatorial race.

So there it is, y’all. The latest weirdness from college football. Stay tuned.

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