College Football Predictions: Week 4

Each and every week, our staff will give you our College Football weekly picks. Take a look at who we have in week four.

Here are our staff predictions for College Football week four.

Staff Standings:

1) Cole (23-7)

2) Andrew (20-10)

3) Ben (19-11)

4) Travis (18-12)

5) Tyreese (17-3)

Georgia at Ole Miss

Andrew: Ole Miss

Ty: Ole Miss

Ben: Ole Miss

Cole: Ole Miss

Travis: Ole Miss
East Carolina at Virginia Tech

Andrew: Virginia Tech

Ty: Virginia Tech

Ben: Virginia Tech

Cole: Virginia Tech

Travis: Virginia Tech
Wisconsin at Michigan State

Andrew: Michigan State

Ty: Michigan State

Ben: Michigan State

Cole: Michigan State

Travis: Michigan State
Florida at Tennessee

Andrew: Tennessee

Ty: Florida

Ben: Tennessee

Cole: Tennssee

Travis: Florida
Penn State at Michigan

Andrew: Michigan

Ty: Michigan

Ben: Michigan

Cole: Michigan

Travis: Michigan
Pittsburgh at North Carolina

Andrew: North Carolina

Ty: North Carolina

Ben: North Carolina

Cole: North Carolina

Travis: North Carolina
LSU at Auburn

Andrew: Auburn

Ty: Auburn

Ben: LSU

Cole: LSU

Travis: LSU
South Carolina at Kentucky

Andrew: Kentucky

Ty: Kentucky

Ben: Kentucky

Cole: South Carolina

Travis: South Carolina
Stanford at UCLA

Andrew: Stanford


Ben: Stanford

Cole: UCLA

Travis: Stanford
Arkansas at Texas A&M

Andrew: Texas A&M

Ty: Texas A&M

Ben: Texas A&M

Cole: Texas A&M

Travis: Texa A&M

We will continue to give you updates throughout the day on all of these College Football games, but don’t forget to make your picks below!

This is going to be a great week of football.

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