Here’s what the CFP will look like

Well, the College Football Playoff finally has a logo. And we’re hardly impressed.

You may recall that in the summer of 2012, the NCAA announced that the BCS would be replaced by a four-team playoff format beginning with the 2014-15 season. Conflicts ended. People danced in the streets. The world, it seemed, was a step closer to peace. Then earlier this month, the powers that be unveiled the name of the new, exciting system that would revolutionize sports — the College Football Playoff.

At least they picked a spiffy stadium to host the first title game.

Well on Monday, the CFP announced the winning logo from its online voting contest. And, despite the best efforts of a hacker, the logo above — the ‘Gold Football’ — was chosen the winner, with 38 percent of the vote (13 percent more than the runner-up).

But fear not, pigskin fans, for has your best interests in mind. So while the CFP isn’t offering up much visual stimulation, sit back and click through this gallery of playoff logos you would have loved.