College Football Playoff: Can Anyone Topple Alabama?

You’d be hard pressed to find a college football fan who doesn’t see the Crimson Tide as the favorites.

If you live outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this next statement may come as a shock to you. There are many people who enjoy the game of college football that have described the Alabama Crimson Tide as boring. The theory, shared by many who haven’t watched this team play, is they run the ball, play a physical brand of football that isn’t fun to watch on television and are best suited to win low scoring contests. To anyone who isn’t a casual fan, it’s become obvious that isn’t the case.

In the SEC Championship game, the offense did nothing for the first 15 minutes, yet the Tide led by seven as the final seconds of the first quarter evaporated. They got field goals from the special teams unit. They got turnovers from the defense. Not only is Alabama interesting, this may be the most talented team that head coach Nick Saban has ever had. That’s saying a lot.

Those that criticized the decision to start Jalen Hurt have disappeared. Throwing 22 touchdowns against nine interceptions will do that for you. Alabama can play in any fashion the game calls for, but they don’t have to because they consistently dictate the action.

You can’t run against them. They’re at the top of college football in run defense. You can’t stop them from running the ball. They’ve racked up over 3,000 yards on the ground. You’ve got one shot to beat this team. You have to take care of the football and win from the pocket. Maybe an opposing team can get a play or two deep, but that’s about it.

Unless, this team implodes, there’s no reason to believe the Tide won’t win it all again.

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