Colin Cowherd, Jim Harbaugh turn prior interview disaster into true bromance on live TV

Apparently, we CAN all just get along. 

On Friday’s episode of "The Herd," host Colin Cowherd welcomed that quirky drink of water to his live set in Santa Clara, California, during Super Bowl week — Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

When the two last spoke over the radio airwaves, this strange interview nearly broke the Internet.

Cowherd had since addressed one of the world’s most awkward interviews in recent times on his show, referencing his later encounter with the Wolverines coach and also dressing as the khaki-loving Harbaugh in October.

But after this live-TV lovefest, consider any hatchets buried (watch video above). A snippet of the schmoopfest:

COWHERD: "Hey, by the way, have you ever had a player who had a bad game? Because I had a really bad interview with you. I stunk. I was terrible. I just was lousy." HARBAUGH: "Nah, we both had fingerprints on that." COWHERD: "I felt terrible. I’ve never done this o th air. I stunk." HARBAUGH: "No, you didn’t. You’re too hard on yourself. I had 50 percent of those fingerprints as well. But now we’re connected, you know? That was over the phone. Now we’re in person, we’re connected!"

The pair went on to discuss Harbaugh’s affinity for smash-mouth football and liking to "rattle some fillings" in addition to the ex-49ers coach giving up his Super Bowl pick in decisive fashion. Watch the full interview below.