Bo Pelini brings cat to Nebraska spring game, Internet implodes

Pelini breaks the Interweb. 

Leon Halip/Getty Images

If a real person acknowledges his fake Twitter account and makes a virtual joke a reality, does the Internet implode? 

That’s what came close to happening when Nebraska coach Bo Pelini brought a cat to the Huskers’ spring game. 

A Fake Bo Pelini account had been established on Twitter back in 2010, showing the Nebraska coach in a cozy turtleneck sweater holding a fuzzy long-hair cat.

The fake account gained real-life traction when the real Pelini acknowleged @FakePelini and jokingly asked for his cat back: 

Pelini was later asked about the influence the Faux feline had on recruiting efforts:

And on Saturday when Pelini went through the Memorial Stadium tunnel, cat in hand, the crowd and Internet went crazy: 

Fake Bo Pelini knows when he’s been bested: