Clemson Tigers recruiting breakdown: Baylon Spector

Leading up to signing day, we are going to be analyzing the entire Clemson Tigers recruiting class. Today we are looking at three-star defensive back, Baylon Spector.

Baylon Spector (ATH) Calhoun, Georgia:

247sports ranks Spector as the 42nd safety in the country and 587th player overall in the country. Baylon Spector has been committed to the Clemson Tigers since August of 2015.

Best Attributes:

Baylon’s best attribute is his versatility. Spector plays quarterback, wide receiver, and safety for his high school football team. Playing a multitude of position gives Baylon Spector a unique perspective. Playing wide receiver and quarterback will lend Spector well in the secondary, he has exceptional balls skills. Honestly, Spector wouldn’t make a half-bad wide receiver. One other impressive aspect of Spector’s game is his selflessness. Coming into his senior season, Baylon Spector was asked to play quarterback and pretty much wherever he was needed on defense. Being the team player that he is, Baylon accepted the task and thrived in his new position.

Player comparison: Tanner Muse

The Clemson Tigers are bringing in another athlete similar to Tanner Muse. Both Muse and Spector  have the size and range to play either safety or linebacker. Tanner Muse is slightly taller than Baylon Spector at 6’3. With the frame that Baylon Spector has I am not sure where he will line up for the Clemson Tigers. I could see them going the Tanner Muse route and sticking him at safety; or, Spector could bulk up some and play outside linebacker.


I expect the Clemson Tigers to redshirt Baylon Spector. Getting redshirted does not mean that a prospect is a “bust”, rather, it means they need more time to develop. In Baylon Spector’s case he needs time to find the position that fits him best. Taking a redshirt year will also allow Spector to fill out his lanky frame. Baylon may take longer to develop than some of the other prospects in this 2017 recruiting class, however, down the road I expect him to have a big impact defensively. It will be interesting to see where Clemson puts Baylon Spector. Stay tuned for updates throughout the spring on his development.

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