College Football Playoff rankings: Clemson tops field, ‘Bama moves up

Notre Dame moved into the top four in the second College Football Playoff selection committee rankings of the season Tuesday night.

Clemson remained No. 1, with Alabama moving up two spots to No. 2, Ohio State staying at No. 3 and the Fighting Irish up a spot to No. 4.

Notre Dame and Alabama each has one loss.

Unbeaten Iowa received an eye-catching promotion, rising four spots to No. 5. Baylor is the highest-ranked Big 12 team at No. 6.

Three previously unbeaten teams tumbled. LSU, No. 2 last week, dropped to No. 9 after losing at Alabama, and Michigan State, which was No. 7, dropped to No. 13. No. 8 TCU fell to No. 15 after losing to Oklahoma State, which is now ranked eighth.


Here’s the full list:

25. Wisconsin

24. Houston

23. North Carolina

22. Temple


21. Memphis

20. Navy

19. UCLA

18. Northwestern

17. Mississippi State

16. Florida State

15. TCU

14. Michigan

13. Michigan State

12. Oklahoma

11. Florida

10. Utah

9. LSU

8. Oklahoma State

7. Stanford

6. Baylor

5. Iowa

4. Notre Dame 

3. Ohio State

2. Alabama

1. Clemson


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