Clemson players top ESPN’s ACC TOP 25 list (and other stories)

Holy Christmas, Batman! Clemson players were standout stars this year according to ESPN. Here is that story and a few other nuggets for your viewing pleasure.

The sports news network released its list of Top 25 ACC players that had great seasons. ESPN analysts Andrea Adelson, David Hale, Jared Shanker, and Matt Fortuna compiled the list, released today. Clemson had the most players on the list by far, with 10(!) total. Deshaun Watson and Mike Williams were both in the top 5, but other players receiving mentions were Cordrea Tankersly, Ben Boulware (duh), Christian Wilkins, and Jadar Johnson. You can see the list in its entirety here.

In other news, Coach Swinney wins the award for one of the most fun college coaches ever. (Not really an award, but if there was one, he and Jim Harbaugh would win, hands down.) The Tigers’ new training facility, designed with the players’ enjoyment in mind, includes a slide to get to the ground floor, a nap room, and a bowling alley. Yes, you read that correctly. Makes me want to go play football even though I am 100 pounds.

And lastly, let’s give a shout out to Clemson Tigers’ men’s basketball team, who defeated Alabama in Birmingham on Sunday, 67-54. Let’s hope that this is a precursor to the CFP.

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