Clemson football: Weekend news bites, Vol. 2

The Clemson Tigers keep winning stuff. Oh, and Jason Fitz is a tool.

Clemson awards for the week: In addition to having a record number pf players named to the All-ACC team, 4 Clemson players were named All-Americans by the Walter Camp Foundation. Deshaun Watson (no surprise); Ben Boulware, Christian Wilkins, and Mike Wilkins were all named for the honor on Thursday. You can read more about it here.

Deshaun Watson also won the Davey’OBrien award for the second year in a row. he is one of only four total two-time winners.

Ben Boulware was also presented the Jack Lambert “I’m a total manchild” Award on Wednesday. Okay, I changed the name of the award a little-but Ben Boulware is awesome. So there.

Nick Saban actually did something kinda cool: Anyone who has read my articles on a regular basis knows that I am not Nick Saban’s biggest fan. Sure, the guy can coach, but he is generally an evil little elf. Nonetheless, the guy does generate news whenever he deigns to speak to the press. On that note, Nick Saban stated that he would vote for Deshaun Watson for the Heisman if he was allowed to do so. Thanks, Nick, for being cool when it’s completely ineffective.

And Jason Fitz is a tool: The ESPN host went on a rant about why Clemson fans are “jerks” and babbled on about why he would not root for Clemson. This is after he tried to claim that he was impartial. Granted, internet trolls can be awful and say things online that they would never say to someone in person. However, as a media personality, Jason Fitz needs to be prepared to deal with angry fans of all types. Don’t feed the trolls, Jason.

Maligning all Clemson fans based upon the actions of a few idiots is unwarranted and  unprofessional. I have never had anything but wonderful experiences at Clemson games. The fans have been both gracious and hospitable.

If you want to watch the video, I have posted it below for your review. Just do me a favor and don’t respond to the guy.

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