Clemson football: Jordan Leggett could be a mid-round steal in 2017 NFL draft

The Clemson football program is known for developing high quality players as well as high quality young men. Jordan Leggett is the prime example of the impact that Clemson can have on a players life.

Coming out of Navarre High School in Navarre Florida, Leggett was accustomed to beating opponents simply off of athleticism. Upon arriving at Clemson, Leggett did not play much early on in his career and his focus was not always up to par. However as a junior Leggett caught 40 passes for 525 yards and 8 touchdowns, proving himself to be one of the best tight ends in the country.

As a senior Leggett was impressive yet again, catching 46 passes for 736 yards and 7 touchdowns. Despite his performance on the field, Jordan Leggett is not garnering the attention that fellow tight-ends Bucky Hodges and O.J. Howard.


Jordan Leggett is going to be a mid round steal for whichever team picks him up. At 6’5, 280 pounds Leggett posses the raw size to box out smaller defenders and make contested catches in traffic. Leggett also has a soft pair of hands, rarely does he drop the football.

The most impressive aspect of Jordan Leggett’s game is his patience as a route runner. The Clemson Football program found themselves in plenty of tight games over the past two seasons and Jordan Leggett made a vital play in practically all of them. Leggett is great at finding open holes in opposing defenses coverages.

Take a look at this game winning touchdown against Florida State:

  Jordan Leggett starts off in the slot, but his patience as a route runner allows the play to develop and he comes free towards the sideline.

  Here against South Carolina, Jordan Leggett is split out wide, between the numbers and the hash. Leggett is running a post, however, he must slow play it out of his break because the Tigers are trying to put the near safety in a bind. Artavis Scott runs a shallow cross to attempt and influence the safety, and Trevion Thompson runs a ten yard curl to create a window in the defense. The near safety takes the bait with Artavis Scott, because he does not see Leggett’s post running into his zone. As soon as he turns to run with Scott Deshaun Watson threads the needle to Jordan Leggett in the back of the end zone.

With some work as a run blocker, Jordan Leggett could potentially turn into a pro-bowl caliber player in the NFL. The former Clemson Tiger posses the natural ability to simply get open, which is all too often overlooked in the draft process. Who knows, maybe he and Deshaun Watson could land with the same team. Either way Leggett will surely uphold the strong tradition of former Clemson football players in the NFL.

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