Christian McCaffrey’s ‘easiest’ class at Stanford might surprise you

While Lamar Jackson and Jabrill Peppers stole the show this college football season, at his best, Christian McCaffrey remained one of the single most dynamic players in the sport. After a slow start, McCaffrey came on strong, tallying close to 500 yards rushing in Stanford’s final two games of the regular season.

And with Stanford’s regular season over, McCaffrey joined “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd on Tuesday, to discuss a number of topics, ranging from his Heisman candidacy, to his younger brother Dylan, who will play for Michigan and Jim Harbaugh next year.

Of course, no conversation with any Stanford student-athlete would be complete without talking about classwork. And Colin asked McCaffrey: What was the easiest class he took at Stanford.

You’ll love his answer (with the full video of the interview embedded above):

“That’s tough. I think there’s an easy class, but I don’t know if I’d describe it as easy. That’s ‘Yoga with Nanci.’ It’s yoga, it meets every Wednesday. And it sounds easy. It’s like ‘Ok, it’s yoga, I’ll take a two-unit class, probably take it in season, get some stretching in.’ But I’ll tell you, man, that’s one of the tougher classes I’ve taken. I got an ‘A’ but I don’t know how limber you are. You might end up with a ‘B’ there.”

Now if this were any school other than Stanford, I’m not sure how much I’d buy that a class called ‘Yoga with Nanci’ was challenging. But considering it’s Stanford and considering McCaffrey said it’s harder than it sounds, we’ll take his word for it. Especially since, if some quick Google research is accurate, ‘Nanci’ is an accomplished group exercise instructor who not only teaches at Stanford, but has worked with U.S. Olympic teams. You don’t just walk into Nanci’s yoga class and walk out with an A!

Anyway, after the yoga conversation ended, the topic of class schedules remained. And Colin asked McCaffrey one simple question: What class was he headed to after the interview?

“The next class I’m going to is ‘Physics 240.’ It’s not all it sounds out to be, but it’s kind of tough. ‘Intro to Nuclear Energy.’

I love telling people I’m in that class. Don’t let it fool you though. It’s a great class, you learn a lot. But it’s two papers, you write [the entire quarter].”

Sorry Christian, we’re not fooled. That sounds pretty darn tough.

Naturally, McCaffrey says he has an “A’ in the class.