Chip Kelly Was Considered For Jacksonville Jaguars Opening

Former Oregon Ducks and San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Chip Kelly had a chance at a Head Coaching position recently.

It was a rough season for the San Francisco 49ers and Chip Kelly was fired after one season on the job. The translation of his style of Offense has had more bad moments than good at the next level. Kelly was intrigued by Quarterback Blake Bortles. It would have been an intriguing move by the higher ups in Jacksonville, but it was not to be. The Jags hired Doug Marrone to lead the team.

Kelly is still weighing options and has said he may take a look at coming back to the College Game, if the circumstance was right. I think he will be an NFL Coach. Chip Kelly was never one to enjoy a big part of the College game – recruiting. In the NFL he could rebuild his image by becoming an Offensive Coordinator in the National Football League.

The issues surrounding Kelly are not all his fault. Personnel and injury issues have plagued him through his career at the next level and his coaching decisions at times have been brilliant. In the end his chance of being hired as a Head Coach appear slim for 2017.

Chip Kelly is 28-35 in four years in the National Football League after a 46-7 record in four years leading the Oregon Ducks

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