Charlie Strong says his future will be determined after Friday’s season finale

Sunday was a long, strange day in Austin and things got even stranger on Monday.

After losing to lowly Kansas on Saturday, it seemed certain that Strong would be fired as Texas' head coach. Those thoughts seemed to be confirmed when multiple outlets reported that Strong had essentially been fired Sunday afternoon, though an official time frame had not been laid out. Texas AD Mike Perrin later released a statement that no decision had been made, period.

So where do things stand now mid-day on Monday? Strong held his weekly press conference and reiterated to reporters what the Texas administration had stated publicly on Sunday: No decision had been made.

Strong has been told for weeks that he will be evaluated after the season is complete (Texas' regular season finale is Friday against TCU) and he continues to work under that assumption.


“Greg” in this case is Texas president Greg Fences, who Strong says has been supportive of him throughout the years. Strong also went on to praise former Texas head coach Mack Brown, deflecting any criticism which had been sent his way for the situation that Strong inherited.

Strong reiterated that he hopes to get another year in Austin, citing the foundation that he has built with two solid recruiting classes.

So will Strong be retained as Texas' head coach? Even after an impressive showing in Monday's presser, it still seems unlikely.

Maybe he will be fired immediately following the Longhorns' game against TCU on Friday, or maybe he will be retained.

Regardless, he handled Monday's press conference perfectly.