Davis covers both Pac-12, Big Ten

Charles Davis might not be the hardest working man in "show business," but you definitely can say he’s in the starting lineup.

But the past 10 days have been extraordinary for FOX College Football’s lead analyst, even by Davis’ standards.

All you need to know is that Davis is on a first-name basis with the flight attendants at Delta. His two million frequent flier miles would prove the same point.

Davis, who also does work for NFL Network and FOXSports.com, has learned to set up an "office" in the sky. If he didn’t, it’s possible he might confuse Jordon James for James Vaughters. (James plays for UCLA and Vaughters for Stanford.)

Davis was in the booth for the Stanford-UCLA game last Saturday, and he’ll repeat that duty Friday when UCLA-Stanford II takes place in Palo Alto, Calif., in the Pac-12 Championship Game on FOX (7:30 p.m. ET).

Davis, who was an All-SEC defensive back for Tennessee, said it’s like cramming for midterms. Ozzy Osbourne’s "Diary of a Madman" wasn’t written about Davis, but it could have been.

Take a look at his recent "diary":

• Nov. 14: Fly to Los Angeles for UCLA-Stanford prep.

• Nov. 15: UCLA practice and interviews.

• Nov. 16: "FOX College Saturday" production meeting.

• Nov. 17: Work the USC-UCLA game at the Rose Bowl, catch 11 p.m. red-eye flight to Orlando, Fla., where Davis lives.

• Nov. 19: FOXSports.com analyst Skype session.

• Nov. 20: NFL Network appearance; attend son Parker’s basketball game.

• Nov. 21: Conference calls with Stanford and UCLA coaches and assistant coaches.

• Nov. 22: Thanksgiving (thankful for a day off).

• Nov. 23: Fly back to LA, prep for Stanford-UCLA.

• Nov. 24: Work the Stanford-UCLA game at the Rose Bowl, catch 11 p.m. red-eye back to Orlando.

• Nov. 25: Arrive home at 6:45 a.m. Being the team player that he is, Davis agrees to fill in for injured FOX NFL analyst and former Super Bowl-winning coach Brian Billick, who was scheduled to call the Falcons-Buccaneers game in Tampa, Fla. Takes shower, grabs son Parker and drives to Tampa.

With that busy stretch over, this week looks a lot quieter for Davis. On Monday, he heads to Milwaukee and then drives to Madison for meetings with the Wisconsin staff in preparation for Saturday’s Big Ten Championship Game on FOX (7:30 p.m. ET).

On Monday evening, he flies to Omaha and then drives to Lincoln for Tuesday meetings with the Nebraska staff. Tuesday night, he flies to Palo Alto to get ready for Wednesday-Thursday meetings with the UCLA and Stanford staffs.

Davis will be the analyst on the Pac-12 Championship Game telecast Friday night before taking a red-eye to Indianapolis for the Big Ten game on Saturday.

Keeping everything straight is the most difficult part, not that Davis is complaining. He realizes most sports fans would be more than happy to trade places with him. So for now, he has a few more roads to travel.