Cal is making a bobblehead of Marshawn Lynch driving the trainer’s cart

(Jay Drowns/Sporting News)
Jay Drowns/Sporting News via Getty Images

During his long football career, Marshawn Lynch established a reputation for possessing a wacky personality in addition to dominant skills on the field.

Now that he’s officially retired from the NFL, Lynch’s alma mater, the University of California, is preparing to pay tribute to that unique personality by immortalizing one of its finest moments in bobblehead form.

That’s right – Marshawn Lynch driving the Cal injury cart will soon be a bobblehead…and possibly even the world’s greatest bobblehead.

It commemorates the 10th anniversary of Lynch hilariously driving the cart around the field after a win against the Washington Huskies back in 2006. Lynch scored the game-winning touchdown in overtime of that game.

The incredible souvenirs will be given to the first 10,000 fans in attendance for the Bears’ game against, who else, Washington on November 5th of this year. You should probably get in line early if you want to get your hands on one.

This will certainly be the best Marshawn Lynch bobblehead ever, at least until the Seahawks produce one of him grabbing his junk as he soars into the endzone.