OSU resorts to trickery on 1st 2 PATs vs. Bulls

Urban Meyer shook up things on conversions early in No. 2 Ohio

State’s 40-20 victory over Buffalo on Saturday.

After Braxton Miller threw a 47-yard TD pass to Devin Smith on

the Buckeyes’ first possession, Ohio State came out in an

unbalanced line. Most of the players were flanked to the left with

two receivers slotted to the right and the longsnapper, holder and

kicker in the middle. Holder Kenny Guiton kept for the two-point


The next time the Buckeyes had the ball, Miller hit Chris Fields

on a 7-yard score and this time Guiton passed to Jordan Hall behind

a group of blockers on the left side and he scored easily.

Meyer was asked what he called the sets used on the conversion


”Oh, magic,” he said with a grin.

He said the Buckeyes utilized the formation just to give the

Bulls – and future opponents – something to think about.

”It’s a pain in the rear end that you have to (deal with),” he

said. ”I think (we’re in favor of) as many ways to get cheap

points and make people work. It looked good today. Those guys did a

nice job.”

A crowd of 103,980 at Ohio Stadium groaned in disappointment

when the Buckeyes fell back on a standard placekick for the extra

point after their third touchdown. Drew Basil also converted kicks

after their last two touchdowns.