The Audible: Polian talks Harbaugh lessons, Manziel vs. elite NFL QBs

Brian Polian, entering his second season at Nevada, is one of college football's brightest young coaches.

Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

For being only 39 years old, Brian Polian has already experienced a lifetime of football.

Son of Bill Polian, the former Buffalo Bills GM and Indianapolis Colts vice chairman, Brian has lived around NFL locker rooms that included all-time great quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Peyton Manning.

When he entered the coaching profession, his first job was a graduate assistant position at Michigan State under Nick Saban. He’d make a stop in South Bend, watch Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh work at Stanford and get a first-hand look at Johnny Manziel’s Heisman season at Texas A&M.

Now, Polian is entering his second season as the head coach at Nevada.

Polian recently joined The Audible With Bruce Feldman to discuss what he learned from Saban, how Harbaugh fostered a hyper-competitive environment at Stanford, what he fears will happen if the NCAA adopts some recent rule proposals, what Manziel and some elite NFL QBs have in common and much more.

To listen to the conversation, click on the embedded player below.

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