Brian Kelly: Notre Dame’s ACC ties put football in difficult spot

Brian Kelly doesn't want to see the Michigan game end, but it might be reality in the Irish's ACC era.

Matt Cashore/Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly recently joined Bruce Feldman’s podcast and discussed a prickly scheduling dilemma the Irish are faced with.

There’s been recent talk about how Notre Dame might not be able to play rival Michigan as frequently in the future, and the Michigan State game appears in jeopardy, too.

Why is that exactly?

One reason is Notre Dame’s open desire to get an SEC team on its schedule, and another is a few games the Irish are locked into that Kelly says are "set in stone" on the schedule.

But the big reason for this problem: the university’s commitment to the ACC.

Kelly explains why this partnership is essential for other Notre Dame sports but put the football program in a very tough scheduling spot.

To listen to the clip, click on the embedded player below.

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