Bob Stoops on questions about RB Joe Mixon: ‘We’ve already been through all of this’

Though "media days" are the glorious, unofficial start to the college football season, it has been a couple weeks to forget for several of the sport’s most high-profile programs. For everyone from Alabama to Mississippi State and Baylor, media days have been filled with questions about serious situations regarding major legal and ethical matters.

While things aren’t quite as extreme at Oklahoma, coach Bob Stoops still had to do some defending of his own when he took the stage Tuesday at the Big 12’s annual shindig. That’s where questions again arose about Joe Mixon, his star running back who took a plea deal after punching a woman back in 2014.   

Although the case was settled that same year, it came up again when the victim, Amelia Molitor, spoke at length about overcoming the incident this week. It also took on extra meaning in light of all the awful off-field issues across college football.

Yet despite all that Stoops did not seem pleased about any questions surrounding the incident when asked at Big 12 Media Days.  

Obviously this is a tough subject to broach, since in Stoops defense, he has commented about this before, including last year, at these same Media Days. And, as Stoops said, Mixon has been punished after missing all team activities while his case was under investigation.

Still, given the nature of what’s happened at Baylor and Mississippi State in recent months, Stoops probably shouldn’t have been surprised that he was again asked about the subject. And given the crime Mixon did commit, this seems like a somewhat insensitive response. That’s especially true considering that the victim spoke out about the incident just a few short days ago.  

For those who missed it, NewsOK had the interview in which Molitor discussed feeling like a pariah on campus following the incident — even as she walked around with her jaw wired shut. She also spoke about how both she and her family — lifelong Oklahoma fans — have been unable to attend games because the incident remains too painful.

Sooners star running back Joe Mixon