Bo Scarbrough Will Return To Alabama

Bo Scarbrough says he will return to Alabama for another year, and adds that he doesn’t even think the decision was hard.

Bo Scarbrough is three years out from highschool and could declare for the NFL draft this year if he wanted. Scarborough though said today that he will be returning for another year at Alabama. When asked if the decision to return was hard he simply asked “Why would it be hard?”

Scarbrough is making the right call returning to Alabama. Bama fans know that Bo is a top tier running back, but he probably wouldn’t go in the first few rounds of the draft this year. On the other hand aftering seeing the way Scarborough performed in the Peach Bowl it’s easy to see him as poised to have a Derrick Henry level season at Alabama next year. Henry of course went at #22 to the Tennessee Titans after having a monster final season at Alabama.

It might be hard to believe, but Alabama’s offense is actually almost in rebuilding mode this year. After a year at the helm for Jalen Hurts and with a talented core of receivers the 2017 Alabama Offense will be on the way up. This may open things up even more for Bo Scarbrough as the defenses Alabama faces have to worry about more than just the run.

And honestly what Alabama doesn’t want to see more of this?

Or this…

Let’s also hope we see more big runs of the tractor during Monday night’s National Championship Game against the Clemson Tigers.

We can’t wait to see what Scarbrough does next for the Tide!

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