Bo Jackson: I’m done trying to help Jameis Winston

Former Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson says he's had enough of Jameis Winston and his ongoing distractions.

Shanna Lockwood/Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Bo Jackson is done with Jameis Winston.

The former Heisman Trophy winner and Hall of Fame running back told "The Jim Rome Show" that he’s attempted to talk to Florida State’s QB like a father — even before Winston was cited for stealing crab legs from a Publix grocery store near campus — and gave him advice that would "probably singe the hair in your ears."

Apparently, it didn’t take.

"I’m the type of person, I will go out of my way to help anybody," Jackson said. "Normally, I don’t like giving people advice if I haven’t been down that road myself. But if I give you advice on something that I know more about than you by just falling out of bed in the morning, if you can’t take that advice and learn from it, then I’ve got nothing else to do with the situation. You’re on your own."

His recent opinion on Winston is different than the one he expressed at Auburn’s A-Day game in the spring when asked about Winston as a two-sport athlete.


"More power to Jameis. He is a good kid. If he thinks he can do it, then more power to him," said Jackson, who is from the same city in Alabama, Bessemer, as Winston. Winston has said he looked up to Jackson and was inspired to pursue multiple sports because of him.

But since April, the controversy has continued to swirl around FSU’s Heisman winner. Besides the aforementioned crab legs, Winston was suspended for the Clemson game for shouting "offensive and vulgar comments" on campus. More recently, ESPN reported that the school is investigating whether Winston was paid for signing autographs. Additionally, FSU has announced that the code of conduct investigation into an allegation that Winston raped a university student in 2012 will be heard by an independent arbiter.

"Jameis Winston needs to make some changes in his life," Jackson said on the show Tuesday. "Because it’s affecting him now, and it’s definitely going to affect him down the road."

UPDATE: Friday on ESPN’s "Mike & Mike," Fisher addressed the comments made by Jackson as well as Herschel Walker’s opinion that Fisher is enabling the QB:

"Well Bo grew up with Jameis in Bessemer for 18 years and never spoke to him, so why would he speak to him now? He never knew Bo. Bo and him lived in the same neighborhood. So Bo can wash his hands, that’s fine. 

"But Herschel … you look at the facts of everything that’s gone on, the kid has made mistakes but he’s a tremendous young man. And for Herschel, that’s wonderful. What Herschel and Bo think … we’re moving on down here. That has no effect on us."

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