Bill Simmons Latest To Use Saban To Get Attention

Bill Simmons called Nick Saban a coward because he knows trashing Saban and Alabama gets you attention.

Colin Cowherd, Joel Klatt, Tim Brando, and now Bill Simmons. If you’re a sports talking head who feels like you may not be getting quite enough clicks or listeners there’s one sure fire way to get them… talk trash about Alabama and Nick Saban.

You see a lot of folks hate Alabama and Nick Saban, and those folks are ready to click on anything that talks badly about either one. Their precious Tigers, Vols, Buckeyes, Wolverines, and more Tigers can’t get the job done on the field, so trash sports talk is all they have. If you need attention talk smack about Nick Saban. (I know some of you are in the comments saying I shouldn’t write about this, but this isn’t the kind of attention he wants.)

Basically Simmons ranted about how Nick Saban is a coward because he left the NFL. Simmons seems to think that it’s easy to win the way Saban has at Alabama on the college level. Nevermind that only one other person has ever had the kind of success Nick Saban has had, and his name was Bear Bryant.

“He’s a coward, he left the NFL. He’s a coward.”

What’s particularly funny about Simmons rant is that he left the big leagues himself. Simmons couldn’t hack it at ESPN and his baby Grantland was deleted. Simmons should know though that just because he failed at the top level doesn’t mean Saban did.

I’m not going to rehash all the reasons that Nick Saban’s time in the NFL doesn’t define him, or all the reason Miami was a mess of a franchise at that time. I will say though that Nick Saban won’t be remembered for Miami by anyone except the bitter sports writers who wanted to see him fail.

ard, he left the NFL. He’s a coward.”You can listen to Bill Simmons being a fool for yourself here.

So Simmons can call Nick Saban a coward, Joel Klatt can pronounce the Alabama Dynasty dead, Tim Brando can call Alabama fans vile, Cowherd can say the Big 10 is better than the SEC even after this bowl season, in the end none of it matters. In the end the only thing that matters is who is holding up that trophy on Monday night, my money’s on Nick Saban and Alabama.

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