Beaty adamant on spreading KU’s recruiting influence, especially instate

Spring practice is over for the Jayhawks, but it's hardly time for new head coach David Beaty to prop himself up on a recliner and nap until the fall.

Beaty and his coaching staff's job will continue and only intensify as they now turn their attention to recruiting for the 2016 class and beyond.

In the short time he's been Kansas' head coach, Beaty has made it clear he's serious about recruiting and wants to make sure the Jayhawk brand is known across the nation.

That was reiterated when he recently told reporters that he hopes to "get in every dag-gum place in the world."

However, as much as he wants to spread KU's influence from coast to coast, he's focused on starting from the epicenter: the Sunflower State.

"We'll be in this great state for the entire week with every coach on our staff in the state of Kansas," Beaty said. "We're going to down the door of every school, unless they lock it on us. And then we're going to try to break in and get in there."

(h/t KU Sports)

Photo credit: Ed Zurga/Getty Images