Beamer: Vick comeback a lesson in second chances

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer said Tuesday that Michael Vick

doesn’t look like he’s lost anything and will have ”a story to

tell” as his NFL comeback continues.

Beamer saw highlights of Vick’s first start since 2006; he led

Philadelphia to a 35-32 victory against the Detroit Lions on


”He didn’t look like he’d lost it, did he?” Beamer asked

smiling. ”I mean, he was zipping that ball and made a couple of


”He’s going to be back in a big way, I think.”

The former Hokies quarterback has played well for the Eagles

since replacing the injured Kevin Kolb in Week 1. He has rushed for

140 yards, passed for 459 more and thrown three touchdowns. He has

also displayed his ability to escape pass rushers that once made

him the league’s highest paid player.

The Eagles have liked what they have seen also, announcing in a

text message Tuesday night that Vick will start against

Jacksonville this week. Vick was expected to return to his backup

role after Kolb was cleared to play following his concussion this


Even before the Eagles announcement, Beamer had said Vick’s

comeback gives his former star a platform to help others learn from

his mistakes, and to show that mistakes can be overcome with hard

work and determination.

”If he can get back – and I think he will, I don’t think

there’s any question about that – then I think he’s got a story to

tell,” Beamer said. ”’I made mistakes. You’re responsible for

your actions, and then I came back from them.”’

Beamer said Vick can turn his ordeal into a positive if he is

able to affect other kids with his story.

That possibility makes it easy for Beamer to root for Vick.

”The guy’s working awfully hard to get it back, and I’m pulling

for him because I know he’s a good person,” Beamer said. ”He made

some terrible mistakes, but he’s a good person.”