Texas representative calls for Baylor sexual assault investigation

A new resolution from a Texas state representative calls for an investigation by the Texas Rangers into Baylor University.

The motion from Rep. Roland Gutierrez (D–San Antonio) comes following widespread accusations and admissions of sexual assault instances committed on campus, with 31 football players committing at least 52 acts of rape over at least three years, beginning in 2015. At least 125 Baylor students have reported being sexually assaulted, apart from the football program.

Citing “widespread evidence of obstruction of justice,” the motion urges a new look into the situation and for Gov. Greg Abbott to have the Texas Rangers investigate Baylor and the Baylor police department. The language does not hold the football program “solely responsible.”

“Baylor University has resisted all efforts to provide the public with information which would reveal the conduct of senior administrators, and instead attempted to put the blame entirely on football coaches,” the resolution reads.

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