Baylor Football: The latest news about the Title IX investigation

Baylor football officials are playing nice with the NCAA while still maintaining their right to privacy.

In a provocative about-face, officials at Baylor University have abruptly agreed to release information abut every alleged sexual assault that occurred at the school since 2003. The Baylor officials have acquiesced to provide a spreadsheet to quantify the sexual assault data. This will also keep the students’ private information confidential.

To be fair, Baylor is under no obligation to release any records at all because they are a private institution. Baylor has agreed to include the following information in the spreadsheet, according to the Waco Tribune.

  • Date of alleged assault.
  • Date alleged assault was reported to Baylor employee.
  • Whether alleged victim was Baylor student.
  • Gender of alleged victim.
  • Gender of alleged assailant.
  • Whether Baylor knew the identity of alleged victim.
  • Whether Baylor knew the identity of alleged assailant.
  • Whether alleged victim asked Baylor to keep the alleged assailant’s identity confidential.
  • Location of alleged assault.
  • How Baylor learned of alleged assault.
  • Specific offices or type of Baylor personnel who were made aware of alleged assault.
  • Disposition of complaint.

Baylor football has confirmed that there is an NCAA investigation, but have also asked that school communications remain protected. They have also refused to turn over any documents that they claim might compromise the current criminal investigation at the school.

So basically all that Baylor is admitting to at this point is that there is indeed an NCAA investigation. It will be interesting to see what the data reveals, if anything, or if the university will try to alter or whitewash the data in an effort to repair its tarnished reputation.

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