Rice band mocks Baylor during halftime performance

Rice proved no match for Baylor on the field Friday, losing to the Bears, 38-10. The halftime show was also no-contest, as the Owls band mocked the Waco school for its sexual assault scandal that led to coach Art Briles being fired.

With Briles in attendance, the Rice band — known as the MOB — went to work.

Per the Houston Chronicle: 

On the screen, the announcer said "There are nine judges on the Supreme Court or is it?" The band proceeded to align in a formation to resemble the Roman numeral nine representing Title IX — poking fun at the multiple Title IX lawsuits Baylor is facing over the school’s handling of sexual assaults.

The band then aligned in a star formation meant to represent former Baylor president Ken Starr and his exit, all the while playing the song "Hit The Road, Jack." 

The MOB took a parting shot before finishing by lining up in an "N" formation. The announcer said "N stands for knowledge if you get educated in Wacky Waco."