Art Briles refuses to go inside Baylor’s awesome $260M stadium

This fall, Baylor is unveiling a beautiful new McLane Stadium.

It will cost the university about $260 million to complete, and it will be worth every penny.

Administrators have taken tours of the place that will sit on the banks of the Brazos River.

Boosters whose dollars have helped construct the facility have earned sneak peeks.

The stadium has its own Twitter handle and even a parody account.

If Bears fans want to dream about what their Waco football palace will look like come fall, they can check out the sparkling renderings online. Real photos like this one also help:

And yet for all the excitement around Waco, there’s one person who’s not giving in to the temptation of early satisfaction.

That would be head coach Art Briles. He refuses to go inside the new stadium until the Bears open their season on Aug. 31 against SMU.

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"When it’s time to make it happen, we’re going to make it happen," Briles told the Dallas Morning News. "To me, I’m a guy who didn’t open my presents before it’s time. It’s a big Christmas present that I’m going to open in August."

Fair enough. Briles can celebrate Baylor’s 2013 Big 12 championship along with the unwrapping of the program’s proud jewel.

For now, you can be sure he’s eyeing the place from his office window and on morning jogs around campus.


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