The Audible: Briles talks Baylor’s post-RG3 rise to Big 12 elite

After reaching a BCS bowl in 2013, Art Briles has Baylor looking at a playoff berth and beyond in 2014.

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The first three years of Art Briles’ tenure at Baylor have been nothing like the last three.

From 2008-10, Baylor went 15-22 as Briles tried to resuscitate a program that hadn’t won more than five games since 1995 and had zero pulse on the national radar.

Since then, however, the Bears have gone 29-10, won two bowl games, produced one of college football’s brightest stars of the last decade, took home a Big 12 championship and positioned themselves as one of the league’s premier teams and an emerging power player on the national level.

What does Briles think about all that?

He sort of shrugs, saying that the rise might have seemed fast on the outside, but inside the program it’s been a prolonged, daily drive to reach national relevance.

Briles recently joined The Audible with Bruce Feldman to discuss the Bears’ growth since Robert Griffin III was in Waco, his interest in the NFL, why he loves the College Football Playoff, why he expects Bryce Petty to have a huge season in 2014 and much more.

To listen to the conversation, click on the embedded player below.

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