‘Bama players dismiss talk of 3-peat, expectations

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron offers a primer for what it

takes to fit in with the top-ranked Crimson Tide football team.

For starters, don’t fixate on the shot at a historic three-peat,

BCS-or-bust expectations or the anointment by pollsters as the team

to beat.

It’s all about Virginia Tech, taking it one game at a time,

staying focused and all the other cliches that get trotted out in

the football building each year about this time. In short, ignore

what coach Nick Saban puts under the ”external factors”


”I feel like if you don’t think that way, you’re kind of

irrelevant a little to the team,” McCarron said Monday.

”Everybody needs to have the same mindset. We can’t worry about

what everybody thinks, what everybody’s predicting. Just go out and

play the game and take one play at a time, one game at a time and

we’ll be all right.”

That starts Saturday in Atlanta with the Hokies, who are coming

off a 7-6 season.

But hard as the coaches and players try to ignore it, the Tide

is aiming to make history. Major college football has had repeat

national champs 10 times since the first AP poll in 1936. None,

however, has made it three in a row and none has gone wire-to-wire

at No. 1 since USC in 2004.

But Alabama has the expectations born of winning 49 games and

three national titles the last four seasons. The exception was a

2010 team that opened at No. 1 and lost a whopping – by the Tide’s

current standards – three times.

Right or wrong, that season became an oft-cited example of what

can happen if a team buys into the hype.

”It’s an example but we’ve been preaching that for years now,”

McCarron said. ”We can’t worry about it. That was a different team

then and it’s a different team now. Got different players and

different mindsets among the team as individuals. We’ve got to

focus on our goal this year, our purpose to be out there. You don’t

really win the game on Saturday. You win it every day before


Once again, Alabama has a chance to make a statement early. The

Tide has played a ranked team from a BCS conference other than the

SEC in the first or second game each of the past five seasons and

won all of them. The closest call was when fifth-ranked Alabama

beat No. 7 Virginia Tech 34-24 to start the 2009 title season,

including a 41-14 rout of No. 8 Michigan last year in Arlington,


The Hokies aren’t ranked but Saban calls them a ”good

all-around team.”

This time the Tide has back-to-back potential statement games,

counting the Sept. 14 visit to No. 7 Texas A&M after an open


Saban has had few public gripes about his team’s attitude or

focus during preseason camp, a good sign with a coach who’s not

given to sugarcoating. Monday he praised the team’s work ethic and

the way the leadership is developing.

It helps that senior leaders McCarron and linebacker C.J. Mosley

also happen to be two of the better players.

The word ”complacency” has likely been heard far more around

the football building than ”three-peat.” How often?

”You don’t want to say too many times because that’s a pretty

complacent answer,” tight end Brian Vogler said. ”It’s definitely

an emphasis that we’re focusing on. We really want to focus

everything we have on getting our best potential out there.”

To Saban, that means concentrating on winning, not past


”There’s no external factors that matter at all to any player

on our team,” he said. ”It’s all about how they perform in this

game. It’s not what they did last year, it’s not about the

girlfriend, it’s not about anything but playing this game. None of

it means anything unless you make it mean something.”

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