Baddour: UNC should get appeal verdict Friday


RALEIGH — North Carolina’s Deunta Williams and Kendric Burney

will have their appeals heard by the

NCAA on Friday, UNC athletic

director Dick Baddour said after a speaking with the Raleigh Sports

Club on Wednesday.

Williams was suspended four games and Burney was suspended six

games after violating the

NCAA agent benefits and preferential

treatment rules, and they also had to repay a portion of the

benefit to a charity of their choice.

Burney received $1,333 in benefits and must make a repayment of

$575.19 while Williams received $1,426 and must repay $450.67.

The appeal process will take place via teleconference with the

Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement, and Baddour said he

expects to hear an answer later that day.

“I don’t know about instantaneous because there is a procedure

that you go through and then you get off the phone and they do

their deliberation and then they call you back,” Baddour said.

“Customarily, we would know in the same day.”

Both players already have missed three games. If the appeal is

denied, Williams would return Oct. 9 against Clemson and Burney

would not return until Oct. 23 against Miami.

Baddour called the penalties “unduly harsh” when they were

announced a week ago and said the major focus of the appeals is

based on trips to California.

Williams and Burney met a former UNC defensive back in Sutton’s

Drug Store in Chapel Hill and visited him and his family on the

West coast, which was a violation of the

NCAA’s preferential treatment


Williams took two trips to California, while Burney went once.

Even though both players paid for their own travel, the

NCAA ruled there were other expenses

that each player was responsible to repay.

“One of our students met a former athlete, hit it off, was

invited to come out and be with that family in California,” Baddour

told the Raleigh Sports Club. “The intention was that the student

would pay his way, and essentially that’s what happened. Because of

what the intention was and because of actually what happened,

that’s the reason I think this is unduly harsh.”

Burney also took trips to Atlanta and Las Vegas, but those

benefits were received from an individual deemed an agent by the

NCAA, who sources have identified as

former UNC player Chris Hawkins. It was recently discovered the

Hawkins, who also faces a felony drug charge in Georgia, paid UGa

wide receiver A.J. Green $1,000 for his jersey, and Green was

suspended four games.

“When you think about the bad agents, don’t think about people

in three-piece suits with briefcases because that’s not the way

they come,” Baddour said. “They come looking like students, and

they befriend students.”

Baddour also told the Raleigh Sports Club that he sees the light

at the end of the tunnel regarding the two ongoing investigations

into agents and academics that currently have 12 players sitting

out. He said the

NCAA is near the completion of

gathering information on the agent and extra benefit investigation,

and some players already have begun the reinstatement process.

“I never thought it would go this long, in all honesty, so I’m

really apprehensive about putting dates and timetables on it,” said

Baddour, who took questions from the audience for 26 minutes after

a 16-minute opening statement. “But I can see some closure.”

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