‘Backdoor cover’ in Tide-Tigers title game costs many millions

Jordan Leggett's TD with 12 seconds left will go down in Vegas lore.

Chris Carlson/AP

Brutal. Devastating. Excruciating.

These are just some of the words that best describe a "backdoor cover" — when you’re on the wrong side of a bet.

The backdoor cover occurred Monday night in the college football national title game when Clemson’s Jordan Leggett pulled in a 24-yard touchdown pass from Deshaun Watson with 12 seconds to go in Glendale, Ariz.

No, the Tigers didn’t win. They lost 45-40 to the Alabama Crimson Tide, but Leggett’s TD cost gamblers a lot of money.

Most sports books favored Alabama by 6½ points. So to win a bet on the Tide, they would need to beat the Tigers by at least seven points.

When Heisman winner Derrick Henry scored from the 1 with 1:07 to go for the Tide, Alabama bettors were sitting pretty with a 45-33 lead. FOX Sports’ Jason Whitlock was feeling good about his decision, too.

But six plays and 55 seconds later, those same Alabama bettors who were sitting pretty were probably cussing out whoever and/or whatever was nearby.

While Whitlock tweeted his regrets, FOX Sports Live’s Clay Travis shared that he was on the wrong end of his bet. (Warning: NSFW)

Travis wasn’t the only one to share his thoughts on Clemson’s late score.

Not everyone lost.