SEC: Auburn should have drawn flag on last play vs. South Carolina

Steve Spurrier isn't sure if one more play would have helped his Gamecocks.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images


The Southeastern Conference says South Carolina should have gotten a second chance at a Hail Mary against Auburn.

SEC spokesman Chuck Dunlap confirmed Sunday that the Tigers should have drawn a 5-yard penalty for having two players with the same number on the field for the final play. That would have given the Gamecocks another chance at a touchdown in Saturday night’s 42-35 loss.

Dunlap said the violation was discovered well after the game. Auburn had No. 1 Montravius Adams at defensive tackle and inserted receiver D’haquille Williams, who also wears No. 1, to help defend against a Hail Mary.

Auburn defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson said Adams wasn’t supposed to be on the field in that scenario.

”I don’t think anybody thought about that,” Johnson said of the double No. 1s. ”We have to get him off. They didn’t have a timeout, so they didn’t have time to call it off.

”It doesn’t affect the play, but a rule’s a rule, though.”

The ball thrown by Dylan Thompson appeared to hit Williams before Jonathan Jones intercepted it to end the game. Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier said he’d have gone for two points after a touchdown.

Spurrier said Sunday that the extra play probably wouldn’t have made a difference and calls are missed all the time for both teams.

”I don’t know if Dylan would’ve had a better throw or we’d have a better chance at a Hail Mary,” he said.