Former WR Louis has hunch on Auburn’s QB starter in 2016

Who wil start at QB for Auburn?
Shanna Lockwood/Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The quarterback position at Auburn last year was a bit of an adventure. 

Switching back-and-forth between Jeremy Johnson and Sean White, there wasn’t much in the way of consistency. Neither quarterback is what one would call a traditional runner of the football. 

This aspect limited Gus Malzahn’s offense from the standpoint it essentially didn’t include the threat of a zone-read option. As such, defenses were able to attack Auburn without being burned by the threat of a quarterback-designed run. 

In 2016, it’s anyone’s guess as to which signal-caller will assume the role as the starter. Without question, however, play at the position needs to improve. 

Recently-departed wide receiver Ricardo Lewis offered his thoughts on the quarterback competition — which will include junior college transfer John Franklin III. Louis ultimately believes Johnson will beat out the competition and win the spot as the starter. 

Franklin III is the wild-card in this scenario. A former athlete at Florida State, he’s got tremendous speed and quickness. He’s very slight at 174 pounds, and isn’t the typical signal-caller from a polish standpoint. However, his play is reminiscent of former Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall. 

He bring a dynamic element with his legs — something both Johnson and White don’t possess.