To aid Auburn football, Alabama senator seeks to end pre-noon kickoffs

In the latest wasteful use of a politician’s time and energy, Sen. Trip Pittman expressed his interest in seeing the end of pre-noon kickoffs for college football teams, according to

Could this have anything to do with Auburn struggling last weekend against Jacksonville State in a game that kicked off at 11 a.m. locally?

This has everything to do with Auburn struggling in that game, according to Pittman. 

"I think going forward it’s important that the managers of the universities across this state start to consider the fans," Pittman said from the Senate podium. "The reason for this could be two-fold. For one, Auburn doesn’t play well before noon."

Pittman’s colleague, Sen. Paul Bussman, had the perfect response to Pittman’s comments. 

"We have a ridiculous ability to come into this chamber and talk about football," Bussman said. "I’m ashamed to be in this body right now."

Sounds like someone is an Alabama fan. 

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