Report: Army treated recruits to ‘beer towers,’ dinner dates, booster money

Army football treated recruits to alcohol, a police-escorted party bus with cheerleaders, dinner with female cadets and booster money, an internal investigation found, as reported by the Colorado Springs Gazette

On Jan. 24, 14 recruits and football players took a bus with the police escort to the Pallisades Mall off campus and then to a bowling alley where excessive drinking occurred, according to the report, which was then relayed in the Gazette:

Booster money allocated for the evening was handed across the bar and alcohol came back. Cadets said they ordered "beer towers" containing quarts of the beverage and allowed recruits — high school athletes — to drink their fill.

Some cadets reported having as many as seven drinks in 90 minutes before a wild bus ride home. Some of the hosts handed leftover booster money to the recruits, the report found.

At one point on the ride home, two female cheerleaders reportedly started kissing each other as well as a football player and a recruit.

The report, written by Lt. Col. Shannon Miller, also stated that West Point’s director of football ops Chad Davis organized dates for recruits with cheerleaders and female basketball and volleyball players.

According to the report, Davis allegedly told the women, "We want recruits to see that there are pretty girls that go here" and "there are not just masculine women that attend West Point."

The Gazette states that the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, reportedly acknowledged the misconduct to the news outlet. The school reportedly punished two officers and two coaches and reported a recruiting violation to the NCAA. Starting QB Angel Santiago was reportedly one of the players involved in the misconduct that led to 20 cadets being disciplined.