Hogs Oline coach rips his pants while recruiting, heads to Big & Tall

The Razorbacks have added even more charisma to the staff with the addition of Kurt Anderson.
Nelson Chenault/Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

As if the Arkansas coaching staff didn’t have enough personality from Bret Bielema alone, the Razorbacks went out and landed a real character in offensive line coach Kurt Anderson from the Buffalo Bills. 

Since being officially hired Jan. 9, Anderson has quickly endured himself to Razorback Nation with a series of tweets that are eerily reminiscent of both his old boss (Rex Ryan) and now his new boss. 

While out on the road during a recent recruiting trip, Anderson found himself ripping his pants in an interesting spot:

As Anderson points out, a man of his size can only ensure he finds the right size replacement pants from one location — and he quickly found it:

For whatever reason, if coaching football doesn’t work out for Anderson, he’s quickly adding to his resume as his boss is currently being filmed for a reality series called "Being Bret Bielema," which is set to be released this offseason

Needless to say, the Arkansas coaching offices have some extra personality to go around now that Anderson has been brought onboard. Something tells me Bielema and his new offensive line coach are going to get along very, very well.