Arkansas Needs To Resharpen Their Tusks For Florida

Arkansas hasn’t had the best season but with Florida coming to town, the time to be upset about Auburn is over. Players, fans and coaches alike need to be ready for a fight on Saturday.

As a kid, when I would stay at my grandparents, I would always go through all their books. One book that I went to again and again was a book of Aesop’s Fables. This week reminds me of one story in particular.

The story of the wild boar and the fox isn’t one of the more wildly popular stories. It is a fable about preparedness and specifically about being prepared for war. After the loss to Auburn, Arkansas has to use that anger and go out with the mentality that this is a fight.

“A Wild Boar was sharpening his tusks against the stump of a tree. A Fox asked why. The Boar said that it would be foolish to not be ready and have to sharpen them when needed.”

The biggest question going into this game is how much fight does this team and fan base have left? It’s been a rocky season and last week was probably the worst possible scenario going into a bye week. It gave everyone two full weeks to stew on one of the worst losses in program history.

In a way, it could be a blessing. This loss could act as the stump that the Hogs sharpen their tusks on. Taking that anger and frustration and putting it to work in a positive way. They have to go out on Saturday and play the best game they’ve played all year.

For the fans, this is when we shine. and make the last play of the Ole Miss game seem as quiet as a Sunday mass. It’s time to sharpen our tusks, Hog fans. Woo Pig!

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