Arkansas Has Another Second Half Disaster in Belk Bowl Loss

Sadly it’s not uncommon for Arkansas to have the second-half woes they did in the Belk Bowl loss.

The Belk Bowl was a tale of two halves for Arkansas. The first half was better than anyone could have predicted for the Hogs as they closed with a 24-0 lead. The second half was yet another nightmare for Bielema and his hogs as they didn’t score a single point.

The Hogs are not new to giving up big points in the second half. In regular season games, Arkansas gave up 28 points in the four games against TCU, A&M, Auburn and Mississippi State. Two of those games they lost and lost big while the other two they held on for a win.

Arkansas Does What Arkansas Does

This game was something of a total sum for the Arkansas fans watching. Razorback fans have seen it before and were even tweeting about the possibility of a Missouri 2.0, in which they led 24-7 in the first half and lost the game 28 to 24. The taste this has left in the mouths of Arkansas fans was not something Bret Bielema needed going into the off-season.

When Virginia Tech missed the field goal to end the first-half, the ESPN win probability gave the Razorbacks a 97.9 percent chance of closing out the Belk Bowl with the  “W”. Arkansas would go on to tank a 97.9 percent chance to win. When you can argue your way into a possession like Bret Bielema did, and still not win, your team has some problems.

Arkansas ended the game with only 36 total rushing yards out of 34 carries. Austin Allen, who dominated in the first two quarters, would go on to go 18 of 31 with 278 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. Keon Hatcher played lights out with 6 receptions for 105 yards and 1 touchdown. Bielema did win his personal battle in the time of possession. So that’s a win, right?

Razorback fans will spend the off-season in a state of doubt and bewilderment. The Belk Bowl was a pure microcosm of the Bielema led season macrocosm. It started great until the Hogs were punched in the mouth. At that point, the spiral began and fans were left with the “here we are again” feeling. Arkansas finishes their season 7-6. Woo pig!

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